DJ ST THOMAS Takes Us Through His Wonder Years with “PAUL JOSHUA PFEIFFER” [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: ​​​​​​​James Rönkkö

Ten seconds. 

That’s all it takes for DJ ST THOMAS’s newest release, “PAUL JOSHUA PFEIFFER,” to reel you into a groovy vortex of electric guitar. At the twenty-second mark, we guarantee that the Brooklyn native's infectious beats will have your shoulder shimmying and your foot tapping.

The vibrant guitarist, bassist, and pianist is releasing his third single from his upcoming EP MATRIMONY on Oct. 1 but has shared it exclusively with Ones to Watch today. DJ ST THOMAS (Pedi Hashemian) drew inspiration for the song from the late 80s/early 90s television series, The Wonder Years. In the show, Paul Joshua Pfeiffer outgrows his friendship with his best friend as soon as he goes off to college. Hashemian felt connected to the development of the character because much like Paul grew up and out of his adolescence, DJ ST THOMAS grew up through his songwriting. He shared,

"The idea for ‘PJP’ came up when I felt like my relationship with making music was ending. I used to get so excited about making music, but while writing this EP I reached a point where it almost felt as if music was giving up on me. 'PJP’ is meant to highlight the different phases (honeymoon, plateau, uncertainty, death & longing) of my connection to writing music while feeling like that relationship is reaching an expiration date."

Possessing depth, rhythm, and a bit of that DJ ST THOMAS flair, “PAUL JOSHUA PFEIFFER” certainly sets the tone for his upcoming EP. 

DJ ST THOMAS is going to set the trend for the next wave of upcoming experimental electronic artists, so be ahead of the crowd. Stream “PAUL JOSHUA PFEIFFER” here first, and mark your calendars for MATRIMONY's release on Nov. 8.