Dominic Fike Releases “Politics & Violence,” Announces Debut Album ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’

Photo: Daniel Prakopcyk

Following the release of "Chicken Tenders" in June, Dominic Fike has returned with the release of a new single, "Politics & Violence." Along with the single, Fike also released the music video for the track and announced his upcoming debut album, ​What Could Possibly Go Wrong.

The track opens with ominous swelling of ambient noise and ascends into a floating violin arpeggio. Humming synths swirl around his muffled vocals, creating a hazy anti-pop fever dream.

What "Politics & Violence" offers listeners is a peek into his imagination's stream of consciousness. His songwriting evokes a familiar sense of nostalgia, yet feels distinctly like an inside joke only Fike understands.

The accompanying visual for "Politics & Violence" arrives in the form of a serene time-lapse filmed on location in Scotland. The video weaves together mountain scenery and projector art into a breathtaking showcase of technology complementing nature.

Fike revealed in a statement last month that he chose to delay releasing new music out of respect for recent Black Lives Matter protests, writing, "​Our tax dollars are paying for unfocused, undisciplined over-policing instead of going towards the people they're supposed to be protecting. I'd love to see all these fucked-up departments defunded."

What Could Possibly Go Wrong ​is slated for release on July 31 via Columbia Records.

Listen to "Politics and Violence" below: