Don’t Turn Your Back on Nova Moura’s Acoustic R&B-Flavored “You’re Dumb” [PREMIERE]


Photo: Taylor James

“You’re Dumb,” the latest single from Nova Moura, is a hypnotizing acoustic R&B track that digs deep. The Cincinnati singer/songwriter has created an introspective track that rings like a late-night heat of the moment confession. 

Nova Moura started to experiment with his sound as he gathered improvised bedroom recordings that melted into more complex pieces, exploring themes of isolation, intimacy, and vulnerability. The singer draws from vocal inspirations like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. His R&B/ pop infused sound soaks in honest topics of facing the world as no one else but yourself, finding courage to tap into your emotions, and living honestly. 

“You’re Dumb” is filled with ringing guitar sounds, paired with sobering lyrics that echo from Moura’s vibrant vocals. As detailed in the song, Moura is at a point in his life where he’s picking apart bad relationships and learning to live with a certain numbness that provokes his days. The catchy, vulnerable track pulls deep from within and flings itself onto the table. This is Nova Moura, and we’re excited to hear more from the rising R&B artist. 

Nova Moura shared in a statement,

“This is my first release in a few months and this is really just a song about anyone who has turned their backs on me while I was gone. Life can hit you and that’s usually when you find out who is in your corner and who’s not, that’s the sort of inspiration for this one. It really doesn’t take … much for people to show you their true colors; whether it be family, friends, girlfriends, etc. What makes someone give up so fast? Want to see you fail? Why is it so hard for us as humans to have decency and want the best for each other even if it doesn’t benefit you? These past few months I have had a lot of people come and go and honestly the only thing I have to say to anyone who feels like they’re better than me or they will be better than me…. you’re dumb.”

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