Dounia Claims Her Throne in “Royal”


Multifaceted Moroccan-American artist Dounia claims her spot on the throne in her powerful new single, "Royal." Her dreamy blend of singing and rapping is showcased in this inspiring anthem about thinking outside of the box to climb to the top. Dounia is no stranger to stepping outside of the conventional realm. Known for her outspoken activism on body positivity, Dounia's social media presence sends inspiring, positive vibes all around the world.

Dounia throws that positivity to the side in "Royal" to highlight her determination to succeed. Her velvety vocals and dynamic rapping illustrate her innovative lyrics. Her confidence and individuality shine through as she lays out her plans for domination, from snatching the throne "out of malice" to escaping her own box to reach the "top spot." Dounia is truly on her rise to the top. 

Until then, we'll have "Royal" on repeat.