Dro Kenji Is Making Melodic Rap on His Own Terms


The newest Internet Money artist already seems like a seasoned expert. Dro Kenji started gaining attention with Soundlcoud exclusives such as "100 rounds" and "Codeine Punch." Both tracks had the attitude of the current emo trap scene, but were pushed to new heights with Dro Kenji's off kilter cadences.

Dro Kenji continues his hot streak with his debut project Tears and Pistols. The project is equally as interesting as the two lead singles with Kenji being vulnerable, honest, and self reflective throughout the project. Tracks such as "Save Me" show his songwriting versatility and his ability to successfully tackle emotional topics. The project is filled with high pitched melodic switch ups and ear worm choruses that keep you returning.

Dro Kenji seems to just be getting started. With talented producers behind him and his ability to make catchy tracks with rich storytelling, he's likely to be around for a while.  

Listen to Tears and Pistols by Dro Kenji below: