Electro-Pop Powerhouse ALMA Cherishes Life with “When I Die”


A 23-year-old Finnish electro-pop powerhouse with distinguishable neon green hair, ALMA is a forward-thinker who's ready to challenge the daunting concept of death with her defying new single, "When I Die." Fed up with societal pressures, ALMA denies externalities as acceptable influences on our everyday lives and unknown futures. Produced and written by ALMA, Justin Tranter, and Mike Sabbath, "When I Die" encourages us to appreciate every opportunity life throws our way regardless of how minuscule they may seem.

On "When I Die," ALMA elaborated:

"This song was born from a big conversation about when and how we leave the world is so out of our control. We spend so much time worrying about things out of our control, we're always trying to be better, richer, more successful. We rarely appreciate the moments in front of us. Go to the party, blow your money (even if you have work tomorrow), you will survive! I wanted the video to look like our last party, what might the night look like if we knew this was it."

Directed by the esteemed Finnish director Miikka Lommi, the "When I Die" music video was shot in ALMA's native Finland, where the picturesque snowy outdoors contrast with the juxtaposed murky abandoned warehouse. In this spine-chilling visual, ALMA appears to be digging her own grave as various frightening guests are hosting a gothic last supper. This eerie tune gives us a small taste of what to expect from ALMA's forthcoming highly-anticipated debut album, Have You Seen Her?, which will see its release on April 5.

Take your seat at the gothic dinner party in ALMA's "When I Die" music video here: