Ella Collier Is a Pop Star on the Rise

Nothing gets me more excited than a rising pop star. It's often in the pop music space where culture gets created, transformed, and performed with entertainment value that's off the charts. The up-and-coming artist Ella Collier has the right attitude and invigorating music to do just that. Her new single, "cinderella," is a bold statement.

Redheads have a reputation for being loud and fun, and Atlanta songstress Ella Collier is no exception. Now based in Los Angeles, Ella attends the University of Southern California in the Popular Music Program with a minor in Music Industry. She uses her powerhouse voice to embody strength, savviness, and style. Ella's overall look is unmistakably pop. Scrolling through her Instagram feed that's both edgy and bright, it's hard not to want to be a part of Ella's squad on the LA scene.

Whether dancing in a club or alone in the mirror, "cinderella" brings out your inner sense of confidence and mystery. The track's instrumentation and production encapsulate the peak energy of a nightclub having a steady heartbeat-like pulse. Production-wise, there are elements you've likely never heard before. Ella's lyrical wittiness, with the co-writing expertise from Jack Sev, and vocal prowess rise to the occasion as well.

Ella Collier has certainly got a cool girl vibe going. Her latest track, "cinderella," is excitingly unapologetic. With her producer Jonny May, a main contributor to her genre-bending and pop sensibilities, Ella plans to release new music throughout 2020 and 2021.