Eryn Allen Kane’s Message of Strength in Vulnerability Is Anything But “Fragile”


Photo: Erica Hernandez

Born and raised in Detroit, Eryn Allen Kane is a self-made songstress who refuses to let marginalized communities' voices be silenced. Kane blends together the atmospheric soundscapes of R&B with the authenticity of soul to create purposeful ballads about social injustices and the fragility of life. As someone who passionately seeks to understand the painful struggles of minorities, Kane uses her musical platform to share her stories and emotions through mature lyricism.

Epic guitar riffs and flawless vocalizing are exactly what you'll find in Kane's newest offering, "Fragile." With the voice of a soulful angel, Kane explores the important concerns of women of color as she emphasizes the fact that there's strength in vulnerability. Kane suggests that as people continue to see destructive patterns building in someone they once trusted, they tend to become doubtful of everyone else in the process.

The accompanying music video for "Fragile" features an intricate dance routine choreographed specifically for this emotive song. Dancers of color are dressed in typical painters' white coveralls as they slowly roll brick-patterned wallpaper onto black surfaces. By the end of the touching visual, Kane appears defeated on the ground as she's surrounded by these brick-like walls that represent the metaphorical shields people unknowingly place around themselves.

On "Fragile," Eryn Allen Kane shared,

"This is a song about generational trauma as it pertains to women of color. Our subconscious mind holds all the emotions, beliefs, habits, and values we've been taught from a very young age. We walk around building these walls as a means to protect ourselves without even knowing why. Every time someone doesn't believe you, doesn't think you're worthy enough, doesn't show up for you; you stack a brick. And you keep stacking until the walls are built and no one can get in and you can't get out. I want us to see the beauty and strength in vulnerability and the importance of knowing that it's okay to not be able to carry the world on your shoulders. It was never meant to rest there."

Let Eryn Allen Kane break down your walls in the "Fragile" music video below: