“Everything Is Just a Mess” Without The Brook & The Bluff’s Soulful Indie Rock [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Julia Perkins

Everything is but a mess for Nashville-based rising band, The Brook & The Bluff. Their soul-filled indie rock sound is exceptionally neat and mature so it’s no surprise that they’re finally on our radar. Comprised of Joseph Settine, Alec Bolton, John Canada, and Fred Lankford, The Brook & The Bluff is now unveiling “Everything Is Just a Mess” off their forthcoming album, First Place.

Rooted in the purest of emotions, “Everything Is Just a Mess” explores Settine’s several failed attempts to rekindle a dead flame by way of a past relationship. A reassurance that the world isn’t over even when everything seems irreversible, “Everything Is Just a Mess” features smooth keyboards and comforting rhythm guitars that’ll absolutely bask you away.

The accompanying visual follows The Brook & The Bluff in their inviting studio as they perform “Everything Is Just a Mess.” Transitioning into a vignetted frame, the cozy music video utilizes warm tones to draw viewers into their recording space as if we’re part of the process. Shot and edited by Drew Bauml, the one-take visual is a perfect depiction of The Brook & The Bluff’s wholesomeness that captivates us all.

On “Everything Is Just a Mess,” Joseph Settine exclusively shared with us,

“‘Everything Is Just a Mess’ serves as a reminder to myself to always try and find the silver lining, because the other lines can be daunting. It’s written about my many attempts to get back together with someone, and the many failures that ensued. It’s easy to get stuck on one thing and start drifting, then you forget that there are other people that love you, other things that can make you happy–other ways to be doing fine. It’s a reminder that even if everything is going wrong, you can still find something right somewhere.”

Ones To Watch has your first look at “Everything Is Just a Mess” below: