Fever Joy’s ‘Reflections’ Is a Debut Rooted in Self-Love [Premiere]


There are so many things we hide behind to shield ourselves from things we don't want to see or deal with. We duck behind screens, create false identities, and paint on masks with makeup until we're a shell of ourselves. Anything, we'll do anything sometimes to avoid looking in the mirror and seeing our own reflection. 

These are the underlying concepts alternative pop band Fever Joy aims to break down with their aptly-titled debut EP Reflections. Lead singer Avery Robitaille shares, "This EP is about empowerment, removing a 'filter' and just being open about how certain life experiences made us feel." Each song is rooted in some sort of truth, be it finding where you belong, discovering your identity, or leaving who you love. The duo actively chose not to transport the listener with this project and instead rely on real-life events for inspiration. It's all about scrubbing off and stepping back from the person we present ourselves as and focusing on expressing our own self-truths. 

The grungy kick drum and twisted, tangled guitar riffs spill out on Reflections, creating a darker tone and more mysterious energy with virtually every song. "You’re Losing Control" and "Bad" are both clear-cut examples where the production by Adam Castilla feels comprehensive. Despite our modern-day use of filters to hide and alter our natural world, the presence of a dark luminosity glazed over Reflections only heightens its authenticity. 

"Reflections," the title track, is a brooding rock ballad. Robitaille heartbreakingly pours out, "Reflections, they get the best of me / They show me things I don't wanna see / Perfection, I don't believe / Has anything to do with you and me." The fog-filled slow tempo arrangement hums along, complementing Robitalle's slowly breaking strength until she finally chooses to believe the words she's saying. Perfection was never the goal; it was always acceptance. 

Robitaille and drummer Sean Baker don't just want to pull back the curtain on their own deeper personalities. They hope it fosters a greater connection between them and their listeners, ideally creating a wider scope of acceptance and conversation. Reflections is a miraculous step in that direction. Baker spoke further, sharing with us,

"Music is one of the only things that allows us to see into other people's experiences from a distance and connect with them. With that insight, and connection we can learn to be more understanding and helpful with each others circumstances." 

Listen to Reflections below, and don't be afraid to live your truth.