Fiji Blue Has Us Feeling “Butterflies” in New Single


Continuing our ongoing pattern of bringing some of the best self-produced artists to you this quarantine, we're thrilled to bring back a familiar name. The boys in Fiji Blue have released yet another vibey bop. The self-produced Southern California-based duo are on their way to pioneering a sound all their one, which we like to call "sad boy chill house."

"Butterflies," the latest addition to the sad boy chill house genre, is a personal favorite for the duo. The single revolves around having an extremely confident relationship with the person they love but still feeling the pain of being so far away from them physically. The timing of the release couldn't be more perfect, given that much of the world is in similar straits. Fiji Blue spoke further on "Butterflies," sharing,

"The song is about a long distance relationship. Both of us were dealing with being away from our girlfriends when we wrote the song. 'Butterflies' stands for the feeling of wanting to be able to fly across the country to be with them. And it's the feeling we get in our stomachs when we're with them."

What is perhaps most praiseworthy of Fiji Blue is how they seem to adapt with the seasons. As the seasons change, the music itself changes. Not only does the music change, but the shade and hue becomes lighter.

"Butterflies" has a warmer, more welcoming tone than any song they have released to date. It allows you to connect with the message at the core of their bittersweet vibe all the better. 

Listen to "Butterflies" below: