Find Some Peace with Peter $un’s Live Rendition of “Sometimes” & “Myself”


Photo By: Jack McKain

"The last couple years was looking weak" declares Peter $un on the opening verse to his single "Sometimes." We can definitely relate. The Richmond, Virginia bred artist and producer released "Sometimes" back in June but we haven't been able to stop listening to it since. Serving as an ode to gratefulness, $un takes us through various situations he experienced over the past few years and how focusing on positive thoughts and actions helped him make it through those tough times.

His use of melody really enhances the contagious energy he has on this song. Even though the song starts in a dark place, its an overall feel-good song and we can all use a bit of that right now. "Sometimes" is a song meant to be relatable so others can see their own obstacles in it, and find their own peace through it. Detailing the song, $un says,

"When I wrote this song, things in my life were chaotic and unexpected, much like 2020 has been so far. I'm a strong believer in history repeating itself so I try to capture moments that will be relatable not just now but 20 years from now. I think the unity and love between our people during this time is beautiful! Black is beautiful! The fact that the world is finally aware of the systematic racism in America that's been going on for hundreds of years is an amazing first step in the changes that are necessary for true equality in this country. I wrote this music to comfort me through some of my darkest days so hopefully it can make someone else's brighter."

Watch the exclusive premiere of Peter $un's Live Session performance of "Sometimes" and "Myself" performed with a four-piece band below.