FINNEAS’ “I Lost a Friend” Illustrates His Universal Appeal as an Artist & Songwriter


FINNEAS is in the midst of a breakout year. Hot off the heels of two back-to-back performances with his little sister Billie Eilish at Coachella and a string of heart-rending singles, the much sought-after producer, songwriter, and, most importantly, artist returns with a moment of poignant reflection.

"I Lost a Friend," the latest single from FINNEAS to stop us fully in our tracks, sees the Los Angeles artist waxing poetic on the loss of a childhood friend. While FINNEAS' catalog of stirring singles has proven him an expert in the realm of heartfelt storytelling, there is a uniquely personal quality to be found in "I Lost a Friend." 

"I Lost a friend/ Like keys in a sofa/ Like a wallet in the backseat/ Like ice in the summer heat," FINNEAS nonchalantly discloses to any who will listen to and very likely to himself. Drawing parallels to the mundane, the Los Angeles wordsmith allows for the dissolution of a friendship to simultaneously take on the air of the universal yet deeply intimate. FINNEAS spoke on his latest heart-rending single,

"This song was born out of a falling out I had with my childhood best friend. I've made a lot of music covering romantic relationships and a lot covering family, but I'd never been able to articulate what it feels like to lose a friend until now. Hope this song gives you some comfort if you've ever felt the same way."

From his intrinsic gift for inimitable songwriting to his immaculate ear for soundscaping, there is an undeniable, universal appeal to FINNEAS' profound and deeply relatable musings. Unafraid to face the scars that have yet to heal or unabashedly shout one's own love to the heavens, FINNEAS emerges out the other side as an artist capable of transposing every facet of his life into utterly enchanting song.

Listen to "I Lost a Friend" below:

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