FINNEAS Introduces Us to His Unpredictable “New Girl” in Sultry Music Video


With its intensely bluesy instrumentals and seductive vocals, it's no surprise that "New Girl" has become one of heartthrob FINNEAS' most performed tunes. Although "New Girl" was originally released as a stand-alone single in 2016, it's definitely still a fan favorite today as FINNEAS' fans instantly swoon every time he whispers the first sultry line: "Crush." An incredibly steamy ballad with sensuous crooning, "New Girl" is FINNEAS' genuine reflection of a passionate relationship driven by lust and exhilaration.

Directed by Emma Sydney Menzies, the "New Girl" music video sees FINNEAS pursue an intimate relationship with a mystifying woman (played by Yasmine Vega), who may not be as innocent as FINNEAS initially suspects her to be. In the opening scene, FINNEAS hops into the woman's car with a puzzled look on his face as she quickly drives off. Throughout the sultry music video, FINNEAS and the tantalizing woman are seen sipping coffee on a darling breakfast date, dancing in an abandoned warehouse, and exploring an uninhibited desert. Dressed in red boots with bold lipstick to match, the dangerous woman is unexpectedly revealed as a femme fatale by the end of the visual. Violently knocked onto the concrete by the culprit's shovel, FINNEAS continues to mouth the lyrics to "New Girl" as he lies on the street with a bloody nose.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating narrative with the "New Girl" music video below:

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