FINNEAS Proclaims His Feelings for “Claudia” Sulewski With an Infectious Sonic Love Letter


There is an understated musical genius in the arresting works of FINNEAS. Born Finneas O'Connell, the past couple of years have seen the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter pen and produce songs for one of pop's brightest and fastest rising stars, Billie Eilish, who also just so happens to be his sister. In addition to establishing himself as much a sought-out-after songwriter and producer, FINNEAS has cemented himself as not just the man behind some of pop's future stars but one of them as well.

2018 saw the release of a number of exquisite singles from the mind of FINNEAS–from the beautifully haunting recounting of a happenstance date in "Hollywood Forever" to the whispered sweet nothings to a girl he has never met in "Let's Fall in Love for the Night." And with the release of "Claudia," his first taste of new music in 2019, FINNEAS is continuing his trend of whisking away listeners to a land crafted by exceptional production and an always-impressive songwriting acumen. Writing the first verse on the first night he met Claudia Sulewski, the subject matter of the song, and finishing the song over the next two days, "Claudia" is love at first sight given sonic form.

FINNEAS' vulnerable and sincere lyricism sung in airy tones atop lush, textured production captures the same fervor of unadulterated love the lovestruck artist sings of. This is a sweeping love song as straightforward and infectious as they come. It contains all the innate brooding appeal and multifaceted songwriting we have come to expect of FINNEAS, all while illustrating the very real human side of one of music's future stars. This one goes out to Sulewski for being one hell of a muse. 

Listen to "Claudia" below:

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