FINNEAS Provides a Moment of “Shelter” Ahead of His Debut EP & Fall Tour


FINNEAS is an understated musical genius. It is a rare gift for musicality that extends from his work with his sister, which needs no mention considering its current comfortable position atop the Billboard charts, to his own ever-impressive work that is capable of perfectly encapsulating a magical moment in time like a mosquito in amber. 

The same can be said of FINNEAS' latest single "Shelter," which arrives alongside the announcement of his long-awaited debut EP, Blood Harmony. While we will have to wait until Oct. 4 to hear Blood Harmony in full, "Shelter" arrives as a song of monumental proportions more than capable of keeping our FINNEAS obsession at bay.

Transforming a moment of love and obsession into a song flowing forth with cataclysmic imagery, the gifted singer-songwriter elevates the entire affair into a world-ending epic. "There's no way out, the city sinks into the sea/ But if we go down, at least I'm in good company," FINNEAS sings with a composed urgency. "Shelter" truly gives a whole new meaning to the idea of getting caught up in the ensuing storm of love. FINNEAS spoke on the new, earth-shattering single, sharing,

“I wrote this song a couple years ago and just let it percolate for a while, seeing how it would age. When I looked through my music to release this year, I came across the demo and was pleasantly surprised to find I still liked it. Usually, I get bored of my stuff immediately. I wanted this song to have an urgency to it when I recorded it, the same way that the lyrics do - the kind of feverish feeling that accompanies loving someone.”

Much like a fine wine, FINNEAS and "Shelter" has ripened with age. And whether you find yourself to be a fan of reds, whites, a nice rosé, or find yourself counting down the days until you no longer have to use a fake, there is thankfully something for everyone here who loves masterful songwriting.

Listen to "Shelter" below and do not miss your chance to catch FINNEAS upcoming on his upcoming fall tour:

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