FKJ and Col3trane Merge Jazz & Dancehall With “Perfect Timing”


Photo Credit: Jack McKain

If you missed FKJ's mind-blowing set during the first weekend of Coachella, we're here to settle your major FOMO with his latest collaboration with Col3trane: "Perfect Timing." Ever since they met over a year ago in London, FKJ and Col3trane have been desperately itching to work together, and now they're finally treating us to this long-awaited project. With sonic influences from both musical geniuses, "Perfect Timing" is a down-tempo, jazzy track that'll allow you to understand why FKJ and Col3trane absolutely had to make this happen ASAP.

Dancehall rhythms, jazzy brass, and soothing vocals… What more could we ask for? "Perfect Timing" serves as a flawless example of an ingenious song that wastes no time on mediocrity. FKJ and Col3trane channel their emotional sides with the vulnerable lyricism, as they discuss crushing sadness when the timing of a romantic relationship doesn't seem so perfect anymore. 


Photo Credit: Amber Park

On "Perfect Timing," FKJ shared,

"I already had a melody in my head for it, but what [Col3trane] came up with outdid what I had originally imagined. He added words in the right spots. It also has that dancehall vibe that I love. When I was a teenager, I listened to a lot of dancehall and this beat is definitely an inspiration from it. I originally made the beat while on tour, just me on my laptop, very quickly and with a clear mind. Once Col3 sent over his vocals, I went back to the studio and worked on it."

Col3trane added,

"FKJ is a wizard. It was a blessing to work with him."

Bask in the sweet sounds of FKJ and Col3trane with "Perfect Timing" below:

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