ford. Connects With Lani Rose for the Sad Boy Anthem “Pay No Mind”

Melodic electronic producer Luc Bradford, also known as ford. has returned with his sophomore album The Color of Nothing. The eleven track album represents his growth and maturity as a producer who is fearless in executing his sonic world. One of the standout tracks on his project is "Pay No Mind" featuring singer Lani Rose. "'Pay no mind’ is such a reflection of pure sad boy hours. I wrote it about a situation that happened a few years ago. For years I would stay catching feelings for chicks that had no interest in me like that. Not because I was ugly or something, but I just wouldn't say anything," says Rose.

Most people can relate to that sentiment. When asked about how the production came together for the song, ford. shared,

"I remember the writing process started with me just throwing this little acoustic bass loop into Ableton and trying out a bunch of different variations. I found a line that sparked some ideas and started building some percussive + melodic elements around it. I feel like once that foundation was set I knew I wanted to get someone on the vocals. Lani and I had met earlier in 2018 at a show on the Kasbo Tour so I sent him what I had. A couple days later he sent back this rough idea that just clicked with me and I ended up building the rest of the song around that idea. Always feels good when songs come together naturally in that sense."

Aside from his collab with Lani Rose, ford. also connected with vocalists Verzache, Barrie, and Ayelle for features on the project. As ford. continues to build his unique sonic world, we can't wait to see all the success that's going to come his way.

Listen to "Pay No Mind" and The Color of Nothing below.