Fractures - “It’s Alright” | Live at Black Rabbit Rose

It was our pleasure to invite Fractures and his mesmerizing, enigmatic music out for a night at Black Rabbit Rose. Delving into a striking rendition of his hit single "It's Alright," which has been streamed over ten million times, it is safe to say the Australian artist took our breath away.

Atmospheric is the only proper way to describe Fractures' music. The project of Melbourne-based artist Mark Zito, his haunting meditations move through sonic space with an unprecedented calm to build a world rife with juxtaposition. Meticulously balancing hushed whispers that touch upon themes of stagnation, solitude, and self-doubt with rich textures of synth that are prone to be developed and broken at a moment's notice, the music of Fractures is nothing short of mesmerizing. This is music to lose yourself in, and in doing so, find a part of yourself you were previously unaware of.


Photo: Betawave Media Group