Franke Is Ditching Traditional Pop For A Self-Titled Sound In ‘Internet Heartbreak’ [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


The young John Krasinski doppelgänger, Franke is bridging the gap between teen pop and chill electronic music. The South Brooklyn native moved to Los Angeles to seek creative clarity and kickstart his musical career. His first single "Home Alone" was released in 2017 and successfully launched Franke's career. The song was written in five minutes and was recorded in one take as a voice memo on his iPhone. "Home Alone" is a classic synth-tinged pop tune, but since its release, Franke realized it wasn't quite the sound he wanted to put out in the world.

Internet Heartbreak is Franke's debut EP that he dropped on Valentine's Day 2019. The five track project veers away from the traditional pop sounds bursting from Franke's first few singles. Internet Heartbreak still has a strong electro-pop backbone, but depending on the track, is detailed with darker sounds and R&B influences. While Franke refuses to label his new music under one specific genre, he claims his new music is "just going to be Franke." It is clear that his new sound has substantially matured over his two year span as a full-fledged recording artist. 

Franke's passion for music began when he started to play the classical piano at eight-years-old. He eventually played the prestigious Carnegie Hall when he was a teenager. Although he traded in classical music for pop, it wasn't an easy decision for the singer to make. Back in 2015, Franke ventured to Cuba alone feeling uneasy about his future. After a month, Franke left with a reignited motivation to pursue music.

Every component of Franke's career screams DIY. As an independent artist, Franke proudly writes and produces all of his music, and stars and directs all of his videos. And although he has tried recording in a studio, he admits that he prefers to record in his own home. Franke confesses that for him, creating music in his house keeps the process natural and vulnerable– the way it should be.