FRENSHIP and Yoke Lore Reclaim Their Originality with “Wanted A Name”

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

With every thrilling release, indie-pop duo FRENSHIP captivates listeners with their feel good sound and inviting energy. "Wanted A Name" is FRENSHIP's enticing new single written and recorded with their good friend and fellow songwriter, Yoke Lore. The two indie artists do a stunning job at fusing elements of their respective sounds to create a brilliant banger that will make you feel invincible and untouchable. 

FRENSHIP exclusively shared with Ones to Watch

"With this song we didn't try to think about genres or influences - we just let it happen. This really was a true combination of Yoke Lore and FRENSHIP. The sounds were chosen together, the lyrics written together, the overall vibe is pure combination. I'm not sure that happens too often in collaborations as there's usually one dominant artist. It felt good to let the song unfold itself; we usually overthink and overanalyze so much that it was freeing to just let it be what it was supposed to be - a pure cry and reminder to enjoy ourselves. 'Wanted a Name' is about recapturing that essence and purity that drives our creation." 

James Sunderland and Brett Hite are the creative masterminds behind FRENSHIP, and they're on a daring mission to add their own personal indie twist to the otherwise overrated pop genre. Since their memorable breakout hit "Capsize," FRENSHIP has been named Spotify's #2 Breakout Artist in 2016 and one of Shazam's 2017 Emerging Artists, and they continue to expand their global reach with an incredible new single, "Wanted A Name."

On "Wanted A Name," Hite reflected, 

"We love the interaction with our fans when we're on the road. The love and appreciate is flowing, but when the tour is over, it's easy to wonder if that feeling will ever happen again. It can be an isolating feeling trying to figure out how to turn those amazing moments into something that will last."

Written shortly after their first headlining tour in 2018, "Wanted A Name" focuses on the lingering uncanniness of returning home after an exhilarating months long journey on the road. This electrifying song is a rousing anthem that gives us a small taste of what life is like as bedroom producers/songwriters who are also headlining sold out shows across the country. "Wanted A Name" explores the recapturing of love, acceptance, and validation after being away from our familiar surroundings for so long. 

Sunderland reflected, 

"Our lives revolve around writing, touring, and perfecting every element of what you see and hear from us, which fuels us and brings happiness. In the midst of focusing on that, we don't want to lose sight of what made us start making music in the first place. This song is an attempt to regain that original feeling of pure excitement of sharing our music with the world."

Featuring pounding beats and infectious hooks, "Wanted A Name" showcases FRENSHIP's ability to switch sonic gears when working with other artists while still producing their signature sound. Having performed at big-name festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, FRENSHIP is definitely a duo we should keep our eyes on as they already have plans to drop their new album later this year. Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming "All Eyes On" performance video with Yoke Lore!

Bask in the refreshing soundscapes of "Wanted A Name" below: