Freya Ridings’ “Castles” Music Video Is A Monochrome Masterpiece


After an outstanding performance at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival, the breakout platinum-selling singer/songwriter Freya Ridings has shared a new music video to accompany her rousing pop anthem "Castles." 

The new visual features Ridings in three different monochrome vignettes, one blue, one red, and one white. In all three, she is surrounded and supported by a troupe of all-female dancers in complimentary blues, reds, and whites. As Ridings strides confidently toward the camera, she sings of a love that diminished her light, dismissed her desires, and stifled her spirit. In her red vignette –the first of the three– the dancers seem to build a human castle around her, with Ridings holding up it together at the center. Later on in the blue vignette, Ridings is seen laying flat on the cement. The utter strength of her empowering melody seems to draw her skywards, symbolizing her ability to rise from the ashes of a destructive relationship. The final vignette sees Ridings in an iridescent white dress, playing a piano whose destruction has been artistically suspended in time and space. 

2018 was a life-changing year for Ridings, whose breakout single "Lost Without You" propelled her to the top of the pop music charts. The career-making single made Ridings the first female artist to have an entirely self-written Top 10 hit since 2012. Her debut album is set to release on July 19, 2019. Of her recent success, Ridings shared,

"I’m incredibly grateful that people come to my shows and are enthusiastic about the songs," says Freya. "I feel really humbled when people say that my music helped them in some way. I've made an album that I'm really proud of, but I'm determined to keep working hard. I’m certainly not going to rest on my laurels.“

Watch the empowering new visual for "Castles" below:

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