Genre-Bending Duo Brevin Kim Is Sending Your Playlists Into Retirement


As fans of music, we typically find ourselves gravitating towards multiple types of artists across a spectrum of genres to get our fix for emotional gratification. When we need a good cry, we count on Adele. When we need to blow off some steam, we fire up early 2000’s Three Days Grace. With the emergence of new genre-bending duo Brevin Kim, however, we’re no longer subjected to embarking on frivolous scrolls through our Spotify playlists to find that one perfect sound to match our mood.

The Boston-natives entered the scene with chapter one of their three-part project titled cliff, which was released Sept. 16. The brothers offer grainy guitar-riffs, grime-adjacent production styles, and contemporary pop undertones as just a few of the many sounds listeners can look forward to stimulating their senses with. 

The array of sounds on this project were intended to reflect some of the ups-and-downs life tends to throw at us. The two share their experiences with depression and anxiety and how they, like many others, have had to undergo the struggle of dealing with mental health issues,

“Every day is different for humans, sometimes you feel different emotions from hour to hour, and this fleeting nature of our feelings is reflected through the range of sounds on 'cliff.'"


Their EP features four tracks, "hangover,” “pretty in pink,” “somebody some body,” and “the wedding!,” all of them garnishing captivating eccentricities that keep listeners on their toes and hungry for more.  The focus track of the project, “somebody some body,” intermixes pop with a deep bass and carries the song with straight-edge vocals. The project ends on a high note with “the wedding!,” produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs. Altogether, cliff definitely leaves its listeners eager for Brevin Kim’s next step. And as the brothers explained, this is only the starting point,

“‘cliff’ is a first step. It’s the beginning of Brevin Kim’s journey. It will all come together when chapters two and three are released. It’s do or die. We’re on the edge of this cliff, are we gonna jump? Are we gonna take that risk? And if we do jump, will we land, gracefully? This chapter is four songs and not one sounds anything like the track before it, but that’s on purpose. We draw inspiration from all angles and it bleeds through the music. There are no rules.”

You can hear their EP and all of its glory below: