Georgia Ku’s “What Do I Do” Debut Is the Perfect Soundtrack for the First Day of Summer


It's the first day of summer, and if you're not dancing to Georgia Ku's debut pop-EDM breakup anthem, something must be wrong. With "What Do I Do," the British LA-based singer/songwriter is exploring her life in the spotlight following a career in songwriting…and we're thankful for it.  

"What Do I Do" is a candid track that is hard to get out of your head even after one listen. Ku's sound has a wild energy spawning from her entrancing vocals and catchy hooks. This dance/electronic number is about longing and heartbreak, but the song is so upbeat and catchy that it balances everything out. The lyrics are relatable and flow effortlessly, something to expect considering Ku's songwriting background. Ku spares no detail in her debut track, singing from her heart and confessing her true emotions towards her situation: "I got your cologne still on my clothes like your hands on my body / Every time I check my phone I wish someone would stop me…" 

If you're a fan of pop artists like Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Georgia Ku is one to add to your list of artists to watch. You can listen to the Ku's debut track below:

Ku may be new to the music scene as a solo artist, but she is well established in the songwriting world. She wrote "Scared To Be Lonely" by Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa, co-wrote "Soul Survivor" by Rita Ora, co-wrote "Be Somebody" by Kiiara ft. Steve Aoki, and has worked with many others.

The singer-songwriter's debut track is paired with a tropical video that perfectly complements her breakout single. In under four minutes, you can watch Ku's relationship grow and unfold between warm shots and heavenly beach visuals. Watch the official music video for "What Do I Do" below: