Get Over Your Nasty Breakup with FLETCHER’s Breathtaking Performance of “Undrunk”


There's truly something special about live performances that makes us feel so connected to our favorite artists, and electro-pop queen FLETCHER gives us exactly that when she's in her element. A proud graduate of New York University's Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music, FLETCHER crafts unforgettable anthems about her relatable life experiences that resonate with millions of listeners worldwide. Following the acclaimed release of "Undrunk," Vevo has partnered with FLETCHER to treat her amazing fans to a stunning live performance of her 2019 hit single.

A heart-wrenching tune about regret and emotional pain, "Undrunk" sees FLETCHER reflecting on the nasty downfall of an unhealthy relationship. Inspired by her eventful college experiences, this emotive breakup song incorporates FLETCHER's recognizable vocals that are undeniably uplifting even when discussing such a melancholic subject. The touching track, produced by Malay, also incorporates alluring electronics and infectious beats that bring liveliness to FLETCHER's dismal lyricism.

In VEVO's live performance video of "Undrunk," FLETCHER belts the heart-rending lyrics with incredible stamina as she recalls the unpleasant memories that are associated with this sorrowful break-up song. With a minimalistic aesthetic, the Janssen Powers-directed visual is limited to mainly monochromatic schemes, showcasing FLETCHER's charming presence without excessive melodrama. Compared to the studio version of "Undrunk," this stripped-down rendering allows FLETCHER to spiritually connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Get over your nasty breakup with FLETCHER's breathtaking performance of "Undrunk" below: