Get Ready to Dance to “Crazy 4 U” By Nawas [Premiere]

Get ready to dance. The latest single from the artist duo NAWAS, "Crazy 4 U," brings you back to the days before quarantine when we could all let loose at the club or bar with friends and move our bodies freely to the rhythm of the music. The energy of the track is completely contagious and reminds you to just have fun.

Jake Nawas and Ben McDaniel of NAWAS make an interesting pairing. Grown up in Louisiana and currently based in Nashville, the two have been close friends since childhood. The fresh but old-school sound that immediately struck me upon listening to NAWAS' music blossomed when their grandparents would play them soul and R&B records on vinyl. Nawas and McDaniel also reference the "get up and move your feet" pop icons of the 80s as being influences. On paper, the duo sound (and look!) like polar opposites. Nawas has a skill for formulating direct and easily relatable lyrics exploring the ups and downs of the human condition. Meanwhile, McDaniel finds his expression through musical elements like rich and layered instrumentation. Ultimately, these varied perspectives allow them to gel as collaborators.

"Crazy 4 U" has swag. There is a strong low bass beat that hits and gets combined with smooth electronic elements, along with an interjection of a high-strung electric guitar, which all come together in a cool and collected way. Undeniably, Nawas' voice is unique. He can reach impressively high notes for a male vocalist and does so in a sort of sensual whisper singing. Everything about the track feels intentional and successful. Nawas says the song is "all about fun and fast love. It's a soundtrack to falling head over heels for someone, whether for the first or hundredth time. The song has an urgent dance floor energy that was so fun to capture in the studio!“

NAWAS' on-going mantra is to trust in what's real and true. As artists, they are willing to engage with and internalize their life experiences most deeply with the intention of creating magical music that conveys those moments in time. Being extremely invested in this process, NAWAS goes so far to call themselves a mini art commune. They invite us all to join!