Girl Wilde’s New Single Will Leave You “Probably Crying” [PREMIERE]


[photo credit: Jordan Douglas]

In anticipation of her upcoming EP, Girl Wilde's "Probably Crying" makes it harder than ever to fit her self-made genre into a rigid box. As soul-healing as Maggie Rogers' new folk-pop anthems and yet as rousing as vintage rocker girl hits by the likes of P!nk and Avril Lavigne, "Probably Crying" is brutally honest and refreshingly courageous. 

In her new song, Girl Wilde (known to friends and family as Alex Barnes) wears her fears and miseries confidently on her sleeve, bluntly asking her listeners, "Do you ever wonder if God is even real cuz everything's so f*cked up?" Her openness in these lyrics follow consistent motifs that have become trademarks in Girl Wilde's music: truth and self-definition. These themes have always governed Girl Wilde's life, as she made the decision to drop out of high school during her sophomore year, and moved to Los Angeles at the young age of 18 to dedicate herself to music completely.


Photo Credit: Jordan Douglas

Even though "Probably Crying" catches Girl Wilde at a low low, the lyrical honesty and rousing pop-grunge production on this track will leave you feeling redeemed and reborn. Here's what the strong-minded songstress had to say about the emotions behind her new single:

"There was a certain time in my life when I could only muster the energy to cry. My expectations for what life should be didn't leave room for me to experience reality, and when I did, it almost seemed to hurt worse. I didn't have the patience, or distance from my own emotions. 'Probably Crying' is about owning my emotional tendencies and trying to figure out where they come from; a way of taking responsibility for what it means to be a happy and healthy person, and not blaming my own mess on my imperfect (yet beautiful) relationships or life circumstances."

Experience Girl Wilde's new anthem fresh off the press below:

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