glaive Does a Victory Lap With ‘old dog, new tricks’


Photo: Jack Fox

Breakout hyperpop star glaive is shaping the genre in his image. From cataclysmic bouts of catharsis propelled by blown-out production to genuine hints of introspection carried by pained vocals, the 17-year-old artist captures all the turmoil and euphoria of coming-of-age in a succinct sonic package that is nothing short of infectious.

2021 served as a landmark year for glaive, releasing then i'll be happy, a collaborative EP with fellow hyperpop stalwart ericdoa, and the acclaimed EP all dogs go to heaven. Upon its release we praised glaive and all dogs go to heaven, stating, "glaive displays an unembellished sincerity that hints at what’s to come for the 16-year-old artist who has been thrown to the forefront of the hyperpop scene. Juxtaposing the emotional candor of stripped-back emo with cathartic, grandiose, and anthemic stadium-sized pop breakdowns, glaive cements his place in music’s next wave - a wave that will continue to surge even as one trending genre morphs into the next."  

Today sees the release of the deluxe version of glaive's 2021 standout EP, affectionately titled old dog, new tricks. Featuring four new tracks, including the Whethan, Travis Barker, and Andrew Goldstein-produced "walking around with no hands," the deluxe rendition arrives as a veritable victory lap for one of the scene's most prolific artists. Or in glaive's own words, "Deluxe is good. Music is good. Life is good. Can’t wait to go out and play these songs live."

Listen to old dog, new tricks below: