grandson and Jessie Reyez Join Forces For “Rain,” Set to Appear on ‘The Suicide Squad’ Soundtrack


Sometimes the best things in life are those you least expect. Like, let's say… another Suicide Squad movie, albeit this time it's written and directed by James Gunn and exists somewhere in-between the nebulous realm of standalone sequel and reimagining. Or let's just say a collaborative single from rapidly rising alternative rocker grandson and Grammy-nominated R&B artist Jessie Reyez. While I unfortunately cannot show you the former for obvious legal ramifications, I am happy to announce that "Rain" sees grandson and Reyez join forces to deliver one hell of an atmospheric slowburn.

"Rain" marks the first single from grandson since the release of his debut studio album Death of an Optimist, which saw the lauded Canadian-American alternative rocker tackling everything from political apathy to political corruption. Set to appear on the forthcoming The Suicide Squad soundtrack, "Rain" is fittingly cinematic in nature.

Opening on the heavenly meld of grandson and Reyez's softly sung vocals, the new collaborative duo set the stage in a deceivingly serene fashion. The change-up comes moments later as the alternative rocker's falsetto skitters over ominous, brooding production. Like a passing rainstorm, this soon gives way to another palatable shift, as Reyez's heavenly lilt returns to complement the cathartic climax.

Reyez and grandson are an unexpected match made in heaven. Delivering on the former's unmistakable talent for crafting brooding, atmospheric R&B and the latter's penchant for larger-than-life, cathartic alternative rock, "Rain" is the best of both worlds - a cinematic, stadium-ready anthem.

Listen to "Rain" below: