Greyson Chance Returns Renewed With the Infectious Yet Sentimental ‘portraits’ Album


Greyson Chance racked up plays in the millions and toured across the world all before the age of 17. Yet, just like that, he left the world of music behind at the age of 18. Now, some odd three years later since departing from music, he has returned with his first full-length album in eight years, and it feels like we are falling in love with Chance's heavenly sonics for the first time all over again.

In many ways, portraits is Chance's debut album. The twelve-track offering is a far cry from the first chapter of the artist's foray into music. Exploring a vast range of emotionally-laden pop, Greyson is propelled by delicate electronica undercurrents and undeniably infectious songwriting. While tracks like "yours" and the previously-released "timekeeper" contain the promise of a veritable pop star, it is in its most personal moments that portraits truly shines. Largely inspired by his time spent away from music and the romantic wilderness of his native Oklahoma, portraits arrives as an album where its greatest moments are often found in the same breath as its most sentimental.

From introducing his Mother in the "plains" interlude, a sentiment which builds the foundation of the reflective "West Texas," to the "lights" field recording that sets the stage for the hypnotic world of "black on black," portraits is an album that understands the core of what makes a great, lasting album. It is not simply a breadth of infectious sonics that stays with you long after your first listen, although portraits accomplishes this feat by leaps and bounds. What makes portraits a great, lasting album is the way it is able to use a range of infectious sonics to tell a distinctively human story.

Listen to portraits below: