Griff Is a Star in the Making

Photo: Riccardo Castano

The best part about this job is the constant search for "who's next." We have hundreds, if not thousands, of articles written on artists to watch. Artists that are making an impact in the moment of their release, but of course unsure if they will continue that momentum to reach superstar level. However, it's not often we find certainty in an artist. Well, we're here to tell you Griff is one of those artists we're certain about.

This London-born 19-year-old artist is on her way to stardom. She released her first single to the public in the summer of 2019 and has only seen consistent growth since. On February 6, Griff performed her first-ever show in the US, and we were fortunate enough to witness a star being born. Her jaw-dropping performance left the crowd in absolute awe.

It wasn't until she performed her latest single "Good Stuff" that she really captured the crowd's full attention. The song begins with her soft vocals and a glistening piano that compliments her to near perfection. The song's lyrics are relatable and easily perceivable to your own personal life. But, this Alicia Keys-esque ballad has a deeper meaning behind it than you could even fathom. Before performing the new single at Sayer's Club in Los Angeles, Griff expounds, 

"This kind of just sounds like a breakup song. But, I wrote it from the point of how my family fosters kids. That basically means kids in care would come live with us for like, sometimes it's been as long as four years, sometimes it's a year. Obviously I fall in love with every child that's ever been with us and they kind of become like a brother and sister. But, they always move on. They always get adopted to a more permanent place. You end up missing them. It's like a break up, or whenever anyone leaves your life, you remember the good stuff. It obviously makes you miss them more. And that's why this song is called, 'Good Stuff.'"

Griff is more than just an emerging artist. She's more than just a talented singer with a platform. Griff is the living, breathing definition of "a star is born." 

Watch the "Good Stuff" video below: