Grunge Princess WRENN Lets Her Star Power Shine on “Psychosexual” [PREMIERE]


With every passing day, it becomes more apparent that we're on the cusp of a female frontwoman renaissance, not unlike what was seen in the '90s when singers like Shirley Manson, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani captivated the worlds of indie and rock. For proof, look no further than to Los Angeles native WRENN. The singer-songwriter, who notes The Cranberries, The Cure, Nirvana, Mazzy Star, and Dido as her inspirations, creates music that has been described as "angry in the best way" - not unlike those who she has looked up to, but with a more modern, pop-tinged take.

There's a darkness that is forever present in WRENN's music, but her delicate interpretations of emotion - whether it's done sonically or lyrically - has long made her stand out and as such, quickly accumulate fans. This is best exemplified by 2016's atmospherically moody "You," and the explosion that is 2017's guitar driven "Cease Fire !" while "You" is a slow burn that relies on WRENN's exceptionally expressive vocals that ultimately crescendos as the full band is brought in to deliver a punch of emotion, "Cease Fire !" finds WRENN embracing anger in a track that is less fragile and more akin to the masters of grunge. Both tracks find their own way to convey their respective emotions, but while they may sound entirely different, the centerpiece to the tracks remains WRENN's visceral songwriting and delivery.

Today, Ones To Watch has the pleasure to unveil a new track from the fiery powerhouse - the gritty and undeniably catchy "Psychosexual." Driven by distorted instrumentals (particularly a lumbering bassline) that contrast beautifully against WRENN's dreamy dulcet vocals, not unlike that of the late The Cranberries' singer Dolores O'Riordan, "Psychosexual" is a fierce commentary on how our lives have become consumed by technology. WRENN explained, 

“The creative air which inspired the song revolved around the intersection of the physical, emotional, and digital world, and what self-sacrifices are necessary to exist in the strange Reuleaux triangle created from them. ‘Pyschosexual’ is a conversation on how technology has a visually external impact on the way we live out our lives today."


As her first release in two years, WRENN's star shines brighter than ever on the track. It's undeniable how "Psychosexual" captures your full attention with its almost nostalgic sound that seems the harken back to that of the 90's and early 00's; it's the kind of track that would have dominated the airwaves thanks in part to its anthemic pre-chorus that makes the lyrics, "Hologram Jesus / Do anything to please us," unforgettable. This sentiment is immediately continued upon in the chorus, in which this idea of a "fake deity" of sorts is explored. WRENN commented on the chorus,

"The 'what would you do for attention’ line is a commentary on the cyclical, self-sacrifice and toxic modernity we all are seemingly forced into via social media. It’s a partial takedown of the bullshit 'influencers’ do, but is aware of how we all are secretly taking notes on their soul-sucking tactics for our own 'Internet personas.'"

Following the release of "Psychosexual," it will only be a matter of time until WRENN's extreme prowess for songwriting and performance makes her one of the leading ladies of indie rock. This is the standout track of her discography to date, and it's one that will ultimately make her a star.

You can listen to "Psychosexual" below.