Gus Dapperton Hits the Dancefloor With “Give It To Me Straight”


There is only one Gus Dapperton. More than just a claim against the idea that we are living in the midst of another Invasion of the Body Snatchers sequel, it is a testament to the Brooklyn artist's undeniable idiosyncrasy. The matchlessness of Dapperton was explored in full in his surreal and personal debut album, Where Polly People Go to Read, which was released earlier this year much to our acclaim. Today sees the release of his first new single since that acclaimed debut.

"Give It To Me Straight" is a project quite unlike anything else Dapperton has released thus far. While his past work has certainly played with genre notions and conventions, blurring the lines between bedroom pop, '60s soft rock, R&B, '70s psych, and '80s new wave, his latest outing sees him diving straight into full-fledged dance territory. Created alongside Dapperton's friend Hayes, "Give It To Me Straight" sees the New York provocateur venturing off into a lush, evolving soundscape that could have easily scored any scene in Trainspotting, or any '80s cult hit with noteworthy musical direction for that matter.

The brand new single, which is set to be the first in a line of dance-oriented singles from Dapperton and Hayes, benefits more than just those looking for a sonic escape to the dancefloor. All of the proceeds for "Give It To Me Straight" will be donated to the Ali Forney Center, the nation's largest non-profit provider of shelter and healthcare services to homeless LGBTQ youths, in New York City.

Listen to "Give It To Me Straight" below: