Hablot Brown and Friends Are Back with the Buttery Smooth “Peace of Mind”


It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with neo-soul outfit Hablot Brown. The trio has been creating their own modern blend of R&B, soul and jazz for a few years now, amassing millions of streams with their singles and most recent EP, Soulection Black Label: Hablot Brown. Their latest, "Peace of Mind," is a seamless collaboration with Braxton Cook, Floyd Fuji and MALIA. Commenting on the incessant desire for more, the single is a prime example of how powerful getting talented musicians in the same room can be.

"Peace of Mind" starts slow and eases into a deep groove, beginning with a distant chorus shrouded in shimmering instrumentals. Soft horns cushion the vocals, allowing room for the drums to feel present - almost as if they're in the room. The lyrics outline an attempt to please someone with material things, only to be left with a desire for more. They sing,

"If you want it you can have it, all this shit's a beauty pageant. I don't know what's real or plastic, just live this life on automatic. Try to wine and dine her with designer, I tried to show her things are finer, but all that's left in me is desire for more."

Hablot Brown's sound is eclectic by nature, but teaming up with their musician friends proved to be a magic combination. They commented on the collaboration, saying,

"'Peace of Mind’ is a great example of what we think is an ideal collaboration. We had the opportunity to create this song with some of our good friends and musicians, and it is rare to be writing in a room with multiple people where ideas flow so naturally.  No overthinking, no second guessing, just good times."

Stay tuned for more from Hablot Brown, and check out their oh-so-smooth existing discography in the meantime.