Harrison Brome Reunites with Pomo for Funky Slow-Burner, “No More Love Songs” [PREMIERE]

Harrison Brome has delivered yet another transcendental tune with "No More Love Songs." The title for his highly-anticipated EP, set to release March 22, the track transports us to the Canadian artist's sensual world of futuristic funk. Brome collaborated with likeminded producer Pomo once again to create this artistically genuine piece, reuniting after their last groovy track "Fall Together." 

On the recent collaboration for "No More Love Songs," Brome shared,

“I started working with Pomo out of Warehouse Studios in Vancouver a couple years ago. We made 2 tracks and 'No More Love Songs' started to take shape. I knew that 'No More Love Songs' was a special song. Pomo and I have different tastes in music, but when we make something together it always ends up being new for the both of us. I couldn't think of a better track to wrap my EP up with. Hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.”

The synth-heavy tune is the nostalgic euphoria we were all asking for. Brome weaves bedroom pop and R&B to create a relaxing, yet soulful tune about falling in love. While he calls for "no more love songs," he wants to just "move together" and become one as they fall for each other.

"No More Love Songs" is a testament to Brome's passion for his music. Dropping out of high school right before his graduation to pursue music, Brome has never looked back. His upcoming EP has been years in the making, and we are more than anxious to discover what it holds. Until then, be one of the first to experience Brome's nostalgic "No More Love Songs" down below:

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