Hey Violet’s “Better By Myself” Is an Empowering Bout of Self-Love


Photo: Valentina 

"There must be something in the water / Over here in California" because Los Angeles based pop-rock band Hey Violet just released an empowering breakup bop. Just in time for spring cleaning, it's time to rid yourself of all the toxic relationships in your life, just as Hey Violet has. 

In their first release in two years since their debut album From the Outside, "Better By Myself" does not disappoint. We knew this song would be special when our favorite pop princess, Valentina, put down her guitar and picked up her camera to shoot the promotional photos for the single. "Better By Myself" is the first of four tracks set to drop throughout the next couple of months, and we cannot wait to hear more from our favorite pop-rockers. Lead singer Rena Lovelis spoke on the song, sharing, 

"I think we need to fall in love with ourselves before we fall in love with anybody else and that's why the song sounds so celebratory. It's about finding that happy medium between 'I don't need anyone,' which tends to be a defense mechanism, and being truly okay with yourself."

Typically, break up songs are melancholic, ill-spirited songs of heartache and pain. Yet, Hey Violet steps outside of that box to deliver an upbeat tune of relief and self-love. Recognizing that something, or someone, is bringing you down and actually doing something about it are two insanely difficult tasks that Hey Violet overcome. After the initial rush of freedom dies down, it can be easy to welcome solitude with open arms and isolate yourself to excess. "Better By Myself" aims to encourage people to escape bad relationships but stray away from completely isolating yourself because being totally alone isn't always the best choice. Their ingenious use of impeccably crafted lyrics and a lively melody really bring this song to life.  

The music video for "Better By Myself" transports us to Hey Violet's bright, shining world of liberation. The vibrant colors used throughout the video, from the outfits, backdrops, and Lovelis' electric blue hair, are the perfect representation of how limitless and dazzling the future can be when someone isn't standing in the way.   

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