Hoeing, Sexual Freedom, and the Pop Banger That Is Kim Petras’ “Do Me”


Photo: Spencer Byron

"To all my fellow hoes out there… Please STANd for ur national anthem."
Kim Petras, our lord and savoir

Choo choo! The hoe train has arrived and our lovely conductor, Miss Kim Petras, is here to save the day! Now based in Los Angeles, the German pop princess is widely known for crafting provocative anthems that promote body positivity and open sexuality. Petras' raunchy new single, "Do Me" is definitive proof that she is this generation's queen of infectious pop bangers.

Taking ownership of her sexuality, Petras is letting the entire world know that she refuses to suppress her carnal desires in "Do Me." Petras holds nothing back when she literally tells us how she wants to be touched as she encourages us to be more vocal with our sexual preferences. This synth-heavy track features Petras' recognizable high-pitched vocals that her fans absolutely adore and punching choruses that will have you shouting Petras's name in no time.

Watch the lyric video for "Do Me" below:

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