Honeyboys Return with the Optimistic Anthem “Davinci”

On their newest single "Davinci", Honeyboys return to deliver the perfect track to alleviate wintertime malaise. Based out of San Luis Obispo, the four-person group make their mark on 2021 with a song laden with vintage guitar riffs and seriously refreshing springtime vibes.

"Davinci" carries the same unique blend of pop, jazz, and rock that Honeyboys are known for, but this time their songwriting is doused with an optimism that is definitely needed right now. Though the track begins with muted guitar melodies and thoughtfully deliberate vocals, it quickly explodes into an upbeat anthem that is almost surreal in how simultaneously modern and nostalgic it feels. The chorus is smart yet infectious, the performance homegrown yet polished, and the mix is consistently shimmering and hypnotic. Even over the booming percussion, Honeyboys manage to deliver a much-needed track that remains original in both its nuance and accessibility. While "Davinci" clearly takes inspiration from the old-school charm of the 50's, Honeyboys' fun and playful approach to songwriting keeps their music feeling authentic and novel.

"Davinci" is the first of hopefully many singles from Honeyboys leading up to their upcoming debut project. For those of us now remaining indoors and looking to a more liberated and cheerful future, "Davinci" will certainly provide a ray of sunshine to tide us over until then.