“I Dare You” Not Fall in Love With The Regrettes’ Infectious New Single


Photo: Claire Marie Vogel

Love makes you crazy do things, like absent-mindedly tell Mary in 7th grade that your dad is the president of Nintendo and could 100% get her a Wii in spite of nationwide shortage or release a sun-soaked single brimming with unmatched vibrancy. Los Angeles power-pop outfit The Regrettes has thankfully found themselves taking the latter approach with the release of "I Dare You" and its equally charming music video.

Taking the doo-wop influences of early surf rock and cranking it up to 11, "I Dare You" moves at breakneck speed, as if to match frontwoman Lydia Night's frenetic outpouring. The entire affair plays out to effervescent effect to deliver a track that you simply cannot help but dance to.

"I Dare You" arrives in hand with the announcement that our favorite power-pop outfit is gearing up to release the sophomore album we have been clamoring for far too long. How Do You Love?, which is set to release Aug. 9, is an album centered around the theme of love. Yet, make no mistake, The Regrettes have not abandoned their penchant for electric-driven pop-rock in favor of bubble gum pop.

Set to detail the rise and fall of a relationship, butterflies in the stomach to pit in the heart and all, How Do You Love? is poised to be a moment of pop-punk catharsis and poignancy for anyone who has been in love and/or heartbroken. Night spoke on the forthcoming album, sharing,

"I realized that they all fit together and tell a story. It's about finding bravery through [love]… learning and accepting that, yes, you went through a shitty breakup, but that's amazing - because all that means is next time you're in a relationship, you know so much more about yourself and about what you want."

Watch the video for "I Dare You" below and catch The Regrettes in a city near you: