iyla Replaces Feelings With a Crown in “Tattoo Tears”


Without hesitation, iyla's "Tattoo Tears" dominates as a sophisticated resignation of feelings. The Los Angeles artist's continuous rise is not lost at the helm of her latest video and track, which is taken from her forthcoming sophomore EP, OTHER WAYS TO VENT, set to release February 7. Arriving as a robust cut declaration of the artist's own independence, "Tattoo Tears" follows the wave of pop anthems carved from an R&B foundation.

The track opens with an early waltz to the likes of a somber, yet victorious sonnet. Its visual companion traces the instrumental score's every move, beautifully isolating iyla's facial expressions. Directed by Patrick “Embryo” Tapu, the portrayal of iyla's philosophy is stylishly progressive. It's drizzled in lights, accentuated by sharp cuts and movement that seamlessly devour our attention. Diving into the meaning of the video, iyla shares,

"In a relationship feelings and expectations are constantly being projected on you by your partner. The visuals being projected on me in this video are a representation that no matter how chaotic it gets, those projections are temporary and ultimately do not define or change who you really are." 

Aside from the airy and emotive vocals on display, the track's posture is firm. Possessing a hook which takes cues from R&B, iyla's chopped delivery is still draped in the motions of pop. With a rather eclectic pull of influences, the breathable soundscape becomes frostbitten by the trap-infused production. To only further solidify the artist's adaptability, iyla effortlessly switches up her flow for a gorgeous closure.

Watch the "Tattoo Tears" video below, and be sure to catch iyla on her first-ever North American headlining tour: