James Vickery Treats Us to the Most Soulful Live Rendition Of “Something Good” [PREMIERE]


South London's James Vickery isn't just a talented recording artist with gorgeous vocals – the soulful artist prides himself on delivering stunning performances of his already captivating discography. To showcase his undeniable ability to capture an entire room of listeners, Vickery launched a LIVE from London series on YouTube that have his fans truly mind blown.

Treating us to a flawless rendition of the unreleased "Something Good," Vickery is spotted in a chandeliered ballroom as he gently presses his lips against the microphone. Singing with the most passion and conviction, Vickery enunciates every lyric as his smooth vocals complement the acoustic instrumentals. Although Vickery is positioned as the front man of this ensemble, he performs with the entire room full of musicians as a collective effort that's just so heartwarming and inviting.

On his live rendition of "Something Good," James Vickery exclusively shared with us,

"Being a live artist has always been one of the most important aspects for me. I wanted to find a way to incorporate this into my new releases. The 'LIVE from London' series was then born. 'Something Good' was a deeply special song to me when I was writing it, so to be able to give you this version ahead of the official release is such an honor. I want to show everyone that I'm so much more than a recording artist and I hope that the 'LIVE from London' EP can show that. Enjoy!"

Ones To Watch has your first look at the live rendition of "Something Good" below:

Can't get enough? The full LIVE from London: Rivoli Ballroom EP is out for your enjoyment today: