Jamie N Commons - “A Change” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

It feels as if there is a universal truth hidden in the music of Jamie N Commons. The British singer and songwriter's heartfelt musings evoke an ominous and haunting vision for the world, only for him to part those clouds with a gift for optimistic lyricism. It is a profound happy melancholy the bands like The Smith and The Cure have made a veritable career out of, albeit transposed into a musical language that calls to mind the likes of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and Tom Waits.

It was our honor to invite this enthralling amalgamation of blues, soul, folk, and pop to perform at our latest "All Eyes On" showcase and illustrate exactly why he is one to watch. Performing "A Change," Jamie N Commons left us in utter awe for what we can expect from his highly-anticipated The Fever Dreams project. And be sure to stick around as we speak to the artist behind the stirring music, as we delve into everything from how being raised across two coasts of the Atlantic shaped him and his music to his trademark collection of hats.


Photo: Betawave Media Group

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