Jean Dawson’s “DUMMY” Video Is a Fever Dream You Won’t Want to Wake From


Photo: Nico Hernandez

Jean Dawson simply does not miss. The experimental pop polymath has spent the better part of his budding career defying expectations at each and every turn, blending genres with a reckless and infectious abandon. Now, set to head out on tour with none other than BROCKHAMPTON, we are witnessing the birth of a pop star like never before. A pop star for the misfits, for the outsider, for all those who felt like they never quite belonged.

Today sees Dawson releasing the visual for "Dummy," a standout cut on his critically-acclaimed debut album Pixel Bath. The "Dummy" video arrives shortly after the release of "Ghost*," released as part of Apple Music's Juneteenth-inspired Freedom songs initiative and dedicated to "all the people that have felt unseen or unheard." Continuing on his enthralling trend of creating outsider art for the misfit in all of us, the Mowgly Lee-direct video is an avant-garde, cinematic tour de force.

"Every time someone tries to tell me about a dream they had it always feels like a run-on sentence - 'Dummy' is a run-on sentence," explains Dawson on the underlying inspiration behind the single and video. It begins to explain the frenetic pacing of "Dummy" and its accompanying video.

Diving headfirst into what feels like a fever dream you wouldn't mind never waking from, the experimental pop polymath takes every rapid left turn with an intoxicating fervor. It's difficult not to get whisked up in the ensuing excitement and eye-catching visuals, as through the dream sequence Dawson inevitably takes one step closer to coming into his own.

Watch the "DUMMY" video below: