Jelani Aryeh Teases His Debut Album With the Haunting “From These Heights”


Photo: Daniel Lang

Jelani Aryeh has a deep understanding of his own emotions and effortlessly communicates them with each new song. This emotional maturity does not come at the sacrifice of infectious songwriting.

Recent singles such as "Marigold" perfectly exemplify this balance. While still being lyrically complex, the track's melodies also sticks with you for days after your first listen. His breakout single "Stella Brown" is also a must-listen for fans of bright indie pop that pulls from a wide variety of influences. 

Following up the easygoing "Marigold," Aryeh is back to display his versatility on the haunting new single "From These Heights." The single acts as an escape from reality. As social unrest and natural disaster rages, Aryeh pours out his emotions over the spacey alternative instrumental production courtesy of Jack Kolbe and Alex Craig. Showing of a more melancholic and dejected tone from previous material, "From These Heights" displays a complex new side to the multi-talented artist. 

"From These Heights" acts as another teaser for Aryeh's upcoming debut album I've Got Some Living To Do, which is due out later this summer. 

Listen to "From These Heights" below: