Jelani Aryeh Is Blissfully Sentimental on New Single “Marigold”


Photo by Langston Siebens 

Jelani Aryeh is a name you should definitely be familiar with. From songs such as "Stella Brown" or his 2019 project Helvetica, Jelani Aryeh has reinvented modern R&B and indie-pop to create a sound unmistakably personal. What's most attention grabbing on each track is Aryeh's smooth and optimistic delivery. It's difficult to pin down his vocal tone, but it can best be described as summery and nostalgic. 

Jelani Aryeh's newest release "Marigold" sounds how sunshine feels. The track feels blissfully sentimental with upbeat indie production from Danny Dwyer and Jack Kolbe. Jelani Aryeh sings of marigold flowers and references their nickname "little lion," which parallels the meaning of his own name - "mighty lion." This connection is what initially inspired the song. "It’s my soul song. At my core, I am this marigold mellow - a quiet soul. It’s what I aspire to be and, without my flaws, this is who I aim for,“ Jelani Aryeh explains.

The single is accompanied by a music video that is just as bright and colorful as "Marigold" sounds. Directed by Will Noyce and Cooper Roth, the video features Aryeh traveling across grass fields on a school bus decked out in marigold flowers. Jelani Aryeh continues to build anticipation for his next full length album and if "Marigold" is any indication of what's to come, then you should definitely be on the look out for his next release. 

Watch or listen to "Marigold" by Jelani Aryeh below: