Jenevieve’s “Baby Powder” Is Made For Those Late, Sultry Nights


Photo: Khufu Najee

Jenevieve is a name you may not be familiar with yet, but her soft and sweetly enticing vocals will have you crawling back for more after just one taste. Her style is not R&B, disco, new wave, or pop, but an amalgamation of them all. 

The 22-year-old Miami native comes from a background as colorful as her music, hailing from Cuban, Bahamian, Spanish and French roots. Perhaps the convergence of these identities is to thank for this young talent's categorically unique, genre-bending sound.

Jenevieve's debut single "Medallion" has drawn comparisons to the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Now, with her newest release "Baby Powder," we are getting notes of Cuco with a funky piano-driven melody. Not to mention her performance in the accompanying music, where she shows off a star presence that is goofy, cool, and effortlessly beautiful all in one fell swoop. 

The true stopping power of "Baby Powder" arrives in Jenevieve's Alicia Keys-evoking vocal range. When she transitions into her higher register, her voice is like warm honey, sweet and oh so smooth, even when she's simply singing the words "baby powder, baby powder, baby powder." If that sounds weird, just stop reading this now and watch the video, then we'll be on the same page.

In an Instagram post teasing the release of the song, Jenevieve shared that she hopes her fans will "make love to this." With that, we're sure you have a certain playlist that "Baby Powder" will fit right into. Check out the new track and music video below, and start grooming that playlist for the end of quarantine when you get to see bae again.

Listen to "Baby Powder" below: