Jeremy Zucker & Bea Miller Have “comethru” with a Harmonious Duet


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker is ready to "comethru" with his timeless melodies and soulful harmonies with a pleasing remix of his 2018 hit, now featuring Bea Miller. 23-year-old Zucker released his breathe EP during his first year of studies at Colorado College, and he continuously cranked out more noteworthy singles on Soundcloud from his messy dorm room in between classes. Having just returned from a sold out EU/UK headlining tour, Zucker is already back in the studio to prepare for new music this spring.

With over 67 million streams on Spotify, "comethru" has easily become one of Zucker's most recognizable hits, so it only makes sense that he wants to spoil us with a revamped version. This rousing collaboration features Zucker's profound harmonies paired with Bea Miller's passionate vocals, which perfectly complement each other. A response to his mindset shortly after graduating college and moving back into his childhood house, "comethru" was written in his parents' basement in New Jersey. In Zucker's mind, summer was meant to encompass freedom, youth, and happiness, but he ironically spent most of the season alone to focus on developing his songwriting.

On the "comethru" remix with Bea Miller, Zucker reflected:

"It's been amazing to see how well this song has been received. I wanted to do something exciting for my fans and give it a new spin. I've been a fan of Bea for a long time and thought she'd be the perfect addition to the song. We got together a couple of weeks ago to make this remix, and I'm psyched about the way it came out."

Bask in the gracious "comethru" duet courtesy of Jeremy Zucker and Bea Miller below:

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