Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler Pen Sorrowful Melodies in “you were good to me”


Just a few years ago, multi-instrumentalist Chelsea Cutler approached the talented Jeremy Zucker after his energetic performance at the University of Connecticut and realized they were already mutual fans of each other. Now both signed to Republic Records, Cutler and Zucker took it upon themselves to express their personal conversations through reflective songwriting. As a follow-up to their 2018 debut single, "better off," Cutler and Zucker are back at it again with painfully sorrow melodies in "you were good to me."

The immediate rush of soulful pianos and Zucker's captivating crooning are reminiscent of a delicate lullaby, which is later joined by Cutler's precious harmonies. A reflective ballad about lost loves, "you were good to me" explores a relationship in which both parties were left devastated by the harsh break up. Directed by Stefan Kohli, the sentimental "you were good to me" music video has a vintage aesthetic with a 5mm montage reel that shows Cutler and Zucker spending time together as they explore nature and play various instruments in cozy rooms.

On "you were good to me," Cutler reflected,

"Jeremy and I stayed in a cabin in Connecticut last year where we wrote our song 'better off.' That trip inspired some of our best writing, so we decided to go back a year later. 'you were good to me' is the first song we wrote up there and showcases, to me at least, how well we bring out the most honest artistry in each other."

Jeremy added,

"The cabin was basically a recording studio built in an old carriage house. The walls were lined with vintage guitars, keyboards, drums, and loads of random items that we ended up putting in our song. In between writing sessions, we would hike, watch movies, or just talk about life. The music really represents how we felt at that cabin: inspired, wholesome, and introspective."

Appreciate your loved ones with "you were good to me" below:

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