John Vincent III - “Next To You” | Live From the Rooftop

Folk music, whether it be traditional or in the spirit of modern visionaries such as Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, has always emmantled a timeless quality. It is a tradition and sound with a penchant for universal storytelling and profound musical delivery. It is this same sentiment that is echoed in the spellbinding work of John Vincent III. 

The spirited multi-instrumentalist out of Akron, Ohio, weaves together transcendent sonic explorations that bridge a diverse musical influence, ranging from ambient acoustic to folk pop and from his hometown of Akron to Los Angeles, California. It is at this point that we find John Vincent III, as he performs atop our rooftop above the historic streets of Hollywood.

What John Vincent III brought to his striking nighttime rooftop performance was not only a lovely stripped-back rendition of his standout single "Next To You." It was a moving demonstration of the prowess the aspiring artist has to conjure forth his wealth of musical inspiration and experience solely through stirring live performance.

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