Joshy Soul’s Thrilling “New Lover” Is a Reminder to Make Yourself a Priority


We are all familiar with the term "people pleaser." "A person who has an emotional need to please others often at the expense of his or her own needs or desires," or so explains our old pal Merriam Webster. Selflessness is undeniably a great quality to possess, but sometimes, for your own sanity and self-care, you need to put yourself first. 

Joshy Soul is re-discovering self-love and the importance of personal growth in his latest single, "New Lover." This Prince-esque piece soars with radiant, retro synths and bold echoing vocals. Those of us that are used to easily bending to others' whims can resonate deeply with this concept of making yourself your 'new lover.' 

The Long Beach-based artist is recognizable for his magnetic music soaked in vibrant instrumentation and smoldering confidence. Soul is proficient in a myriad of creative talents. A performer, writer, producer, art director, stylist and model, he accomplishes each with effortless flair. That skillful sense of ease can be heard throughout this shimmering releases. 

The singer admits, "NEW YEAR, NEW ME, NEW LOVER. The song is about me having a rough year focusing on pleasing people and others. This New Year I found myself a new lover (which is myself). Taking care of my mental health and not always putting others before, especially my romantic relationships."

Listen to "New Lover" below: